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  • See All Tony N Tinas Wedding Tour Dates

    Tony N Tinas Wedding Tickets Discount Coupon

    Tony n’ Tina’s wedding show is a well organized show that maintains constant interaction with the audience giving them they chance to show their active participation throughout the show. The audiences are also given a make belief role of being guests at a traditional Italian wedding that might take place say in Queens.

    The tony n tinas wedding las vegas  play basically deals with the lesser fashionable side of New York and gives a view of the common weddings held there. It has been dealt in a comical way and is basically an adaptation of an off-Broadway play. The main tony n tina's wedding cast are that of Tony and Tina played by Joey McIntyre and Mila Kunis respectively. The story revolves around their decision to take the leap and get married. Although they believe in matrimony, they're unsure of their upcoming wedding.

    Tina's mother and Tony's dad were an item earlier but broke up. Both the families give it their best shot to stage a well organized social event. The parents who have still not managed to get over their breakup and are bitter about it are constantly at each others nerves leaving the children to deal with the important wedding matters.  Things are complicated with the presence of a priest who refuses to perform the wedding in any but his way, a singer who refuses to take requests owing to his ego and unruly groomsmen and unhappy bridesmaids. Owing to all this Tony and Tina start reconsidering their wedding. The theme is unique. The audience is greeted by the bride’s family members when they enter the hall and later if they need to go to the men’s room, they are accompanied by Vinnie and Loretta’s mentally disabled son. Post the ceremony people from the audience are given extended invitations for meeting other people at the back of the room.

    We have tony n tinas wedding tickets event tickets, tickets tony n tinas wedding broadway show theatre and tony tinas wedding schedule.

    The ceremony is followed by a reception that includes dancing also. Staging has been dealt in such a way that it actually feels like a real instead of a make believe wedding. The audiences are once again included when they are invited to throw rice and interact with the family members and relatives. The play has been quite successful and has been playing since 14th February of 1988 all around New York. In fact it has been playing on and off for over sixteen years and hence became the he 2nd longest play ever in the history of off Broadway. Not only that but it has managed to win and captivate the hearts of audience all around and hundreds of cities that it has played in, Japan, Australia and several European cities to name a few.

    The show has been recently relocated to the midtown location, Sophia’s Restaurant which is located on the West 46th Street. A new producer has been employed and the show promises a pleasurable time with lots of enjoyment. The best part about this play is that although you are left feeling that you are attending a real wedding but when the show ends the bride and the groom are not your actual family.