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    Timon Of Athens Tickets Discount Coupon

    The Life of Timon of Athens is a play that has been authored by William Shakespeare and is relating to the legendary Athenian misanthrope named Timon (and in a way it has also been much influenced by the philosopher too). This play is termed as one of the most obscure and the difficult works of this particular author. Although there is a genre of audience and critics who group this particular play with the tragedies, but then again there is another category that includes it in the genre of the problem comedies. This particular play has been the cause of considerable debate amongst several scholars. Although it is much oddly constructed, and also has numerous lacunae (that means gaps), and because of this very reason, it is mostly referred to as an unfinished, and a multi-authored play that had probably been created on an experimental basis.

    As a consequence, there has been no precise date of composition that can be given to the general audience, although there are some scholars who do proclaim it to be their first and last work. Further as already mentioned it is mostly also grouped with the likes of the tragedies like the “First Folio”, although there are some scholars who categorize it as belonging to the genre of the problem comedies, even though the character mentioned in the title meets a sad demise. The main source materials from where this play has been derived involve the Plutarch's "Life of Alcibiades" and Lucian's dialogue, Timon the Misanthrope. Both of these have been excerpted in the Arden Shakespeare edition of the same play. Until this play was included in the “First Folio” it remained unpublished. This was done so in the year 1623.

    There have been several adaptations of this play. A British playwright by the name of Glyn Cannon has written a brief adaptation of this play and has titled it as “Timon's Daughter”. This adaptation made its debut premiered in the month of May, this year i.e. 2008 at the venue of Old Fitzroy Theatre in Sydney. This particular adaptation revolves around the major themes of charity that have been much highlighted amongst the original work. The story of this adaptation had followed the adventures of Timon's daughter who had been named as "Alice" in the original play.

    However during the past thirty years there have been numerous linguistic analyses of the texts that have been discovered and have been confirmed on the basis of the earlier theories. There are many words, phrases and punctuation choices in the play that are very common to the previous works of Thomas Middleton and do not go much with the previous works of Shakespeare. It has been said by the editor of the Oxford edition, named John Jowett, that this play is very interesting owing to the text that articulates a dialogue between two dramatists of a very different temper"