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    Don Giovanni Tickets Discount Coupon

    Don Giovanni is an opera that is divided into two acts. The music of this opera has been given by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart whereas the Italian libretto has been given by Lorenzo da Ponte. Its debut premiered took place at the venue of the Estates Theatre that is situated in Prague on the 29th of October in the year 1787. There have been several operas that have been based on the popular legend of Don Juan. But without doubt amongst all the operas based on the legend, Don Giovanni is believed to be beyond comparison. Da Pontes composed the Italian libretto, and it had been billed by many as being dramma giocoso , which roughly translated means comic, and "drama". Mozart has also entered the work into his catalogue as being an "opera buffa". In spite of the fact that it is mainly classified as being a comedy but it can not be denied that it is a unique blend of both comic (buffa) and also drama (seria).

    The Danish philosopher named Seren Kierkegaard has written a detailed essay in his book titled Enten/Eller (Either/Or) in which he as given several arguments regarding Mozarts Don Giovanni as being an immaculate piece of work that does not have any blemish and is simply perfect. The grand finale of this opera revolves around Don Giovanni, where he simply refuses to repent. These scenes have been captivated in a much philosophical and an artistic way and have paved the way for a topic for several writers, that include the likes of George Bernard Shaw. George had given a parody of this opera in his Man and Superman. Not only that, but clear mention of it being the last score of Mozart;s opera has also been given.

    A screen adaptation of the respective opera has also been made under same title that is Don Giovanni. This was done so in the year 1979 and had been splendidly directed by Joseph Losey. Amongst some of the other greatest Don Giovannis of all times on the stage have been Ezio Pinza, Cesare Siepi and Norman Treigle to name a few. Whats more this particular opera has made t to the number seventh spot on the Opera Americas list of the top twenty operas that have been performed in North America.

    This libretto had been finished in the month of June in the year 1787, whereas the score for it had been finished in the month of October in the same year. There is no doubt in the fact that both the composer and the librettist had put in a lot of hard work into it and had made several alterations to it in order to make it perfect. Eventually this has resulted in the delay of the premiere. As has already been mentioned the opera had made its debut performance on the 29th of October in Prague.