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    Cirque du Soleil Ka Tickets Discount Coupon

    The KA is a play that is by Cirque du Soleil and showcases at the MGM Grand Las Vegas that is located in the Las Vegas in Nevada. It has been Created and directed by the director named Robert Lepage. The entire play and the theater is said to have taken almost $165 millions or development. In fact it would not be wrong to say that the KA is the only Cirque du Soleil production that does not have a traditional stage, and hence relies on just a floating platform that not only rotates but also moves, and the performers perform on top of them. This stage that floats measures 25 x 50 feet and weighs around fifty tons. There are horizontal and vertical twits along with sprout poles that are there for the performers to climb on to, and are also covered with sand for the actors to hide inside.

    The designer of both the theater and stage is the renowned British architect named Mark Fisher, whereas the structural designing of the stage platforms has been done by the New York engineer named Mal McLaren. Other than that the torsion tube, the wrist and the arm assembly for the deck has been built by the Timberland Equipment, which is a company that is usually involved in building mining equipment. The main KA storyline revolves around "conflict and love", and relates to the "imperial twins who have been separated from each other at the prime of their youth and ought to undergo a passage on a journey to self-discovery. Further the story is about their encounters that they have with the KA, which is a fire that holds a dual power for destroying or illuminating."

    Much different from the usual performances the Cirque du Soleil offers around four pre-shows to its spectators. When the house opens, the guests are shown being greeted by the villagers of KA who are also known as the gatekeepers, along with the people from other professions such as a mayor and his wife and so on. Around half an hour prior to the curtain, a couple of musicians are sown entering the lobby and climbing up to the two stringed instruments that have been specifically designed for the KA and have been integrated into the architecture.

    Then around ten minutes before the start of the show, the actors in it appear in the metal framework, both towards the left and the right of the stage and then perform flips and leaps which are accompanied by ropes for diving into the audience and attempting to scare the spectators in the theatre. Five minutes later, and just about five minutes prior to the show time, the cast lets the spectators and the audience known that the usage of flash photography and cell phones is strictly prohibited. We have ka tickets, cirque ka tickets, cirque du soleil ka tickets, ka show tickets, cheap tickets for ka, discount de soleil ka tickets, ka by cirque du soleil tickets and ka theatre play musical show tour tickets And then the KA begins with the stage that is set as a ship and the twins who are shown as returning home where meal preparations are in motion for their arrival.

    Ka is a production like none youve seen before, and most people will enjoy it. However, if youre focused on seeing a Cirque du Soleil show thats like the ones you may have seen on television or a traveling show. KA is a theatrical masterpiece told through the physical language of Cirque du Soleil.